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If you lived at the time of Martin Luther King, by Ellen Levine ; illustrated by Anna Rich - library binding

If you lived at the time of Martin Luther King, you would have seen important changes brought about by the civil rights movement
Table Of Contents
What was segregation? -- Did black and white children go to different schools? -- Did black and white children play together? -- What else was segregated? -- What did the government say about segregation? -- What happened in 1954? -- What did segregationists think about the Supreme Court decision? -- Was segregation the same in the north and the south? -- When did the civil rights movement begin? -- How did the Montgomery bus boycott start? -- How did people get to work or school? -- What did the city officials and white people of Montgomery do about the boycott? -- Does the protest like the bus boycott have a special name? -- What were the sit-ins? -- Were there other protests? -- What were the freedom rides? -- Why did some protesters believe it was important to go to jail? -- Were children involved in civil rights protests? -- Were there special protest songs? -- What did segregationists say about the civil rights movement? -- What was the march on Washington? -- What was "freedom summer"? -- Did everyone agree with Martin Luther King? -- Why did Martin Luther King think voting was so important? -- Did the U.S. government help the civil rights movement? -- Did Martin Luther King fight only for civil rights? -- Was the civil rights movement successful? -- Did the civil rights movement end when Martin Luther King was killed? -- What's left to be done? -- Important dates in the civil rights movement in the time of Martin Luther King -- Places to visit -- Song "We shall overcome."
Literary Form
non fiction
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80 pages, color illustrations, music, 20 cm.

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